About Steve “autoholic” Edwards

I’m Steve “autoholic ” Edwards, I am a freelance photographer based in Nottingham, UK, and have been working in the motoring media since 2008.  My work has appeared in quite a few motoring titles including the best selling VW publication in the UK, VW Bus T4&5+, the oh so cool Hayburner and the relaunched Street Machine magazine.

As a long time fan of photography and cars it just made sense for me to combine my interests.  I’ve have owned various vehicles including some American V8’s and a Siva Saluki kit car which was one of only 12 ever made, but currently I’m driving a VW T4 camper van that has a rather distinctive paint job.

I like to travel and have been fortunate enough to have visited quite a few countries and have found that the old adage that “travel broadens the mind” is indeed quite true.  You can see a few photos of my adventures on the Travel page, I won’t bore you with too many!

If you’d like to hire me for an automotive, fashion, property or any other type of shoot, drop me a line, you’ll find my rates are very reasonable, so let’s get to making some awesome images.