About Steve “autoholic” Edwards


I’m Steve “autoholic ” Edwards, I am a freelance photographer based in Nottingham, UK, and have been working in the motoring media since 2008.  My work has appeared in quite a few motoring titles including the best selling VW publication in the UK, VW Bus T4&5+, the oh so cool Hayburner and the relaunched Street Machine magazine to name but a few.

As a long time fan of photography and cars it just made sense for me to combine my interests.  I’ve have owned various vehicles including some American V8’s and a Siva Saluki kit car which was one of only 12 ever made, but currently I’m driving a VW T4 camper van that has a rather distinctive paint job.

It’s not just cars that I can work with, so if you’re using stock images on your site and would like to take things to the next level then I can help with custom images created especially for you that will prolong the dwell time on your site and ultimately lead to more enquiries. Visitors to your social media platforms and websites don’t tend to hang about and so impactful images are important to keep them a little longer so you can get your message across.

Should you prefer a studio shoot or you have products that require specialised lighting then we have that option too.

If you’d like to have a chat about your image needs I’m usually around and happy to meet for a coffee and if you want to go further you’ll find my rates are very reasonable, so let’s get to making some awesome images.