How to change your life in one easy move…. you won’t believe this!!


My website designer and friend Nick Hayward of FCS Websites (check him out he’s a good guy,  has been on at me for ages to start writing a blog.

Not really my thing and I know that I’m supposed to write about photography but I’m sure you can trust that I know what I’m going on about on that score.  Instead I’ve decided to take inspiration from Jack Delaney’s legendary blogs about Nan’s, Boys made of ears and the like.  If you are even remotely interested in a little distraction from your day, or perhaps you’re interested in hiring a video production company you’ll find all you need right here…

And so I promised to change your life and whilst this advice won’t help you on how to conduct yourself in public or how to address royalty should you ever meet some but this tip will help you if you’ve ever suffered from the chronic condition of…

Crusty Milk Cap!

Yes, you’ve all suffered at some point in your lives, there’s no use in denying it.

But did you know that Crusty Milk Cap can easily be avoided and the dairies have even spent millions, OK maybe not millions but they certainly employed a designer, to provide a solution to this universal problem, they just never told you about it.  That’s right, nobody have ever seen these instructions on the side of a bottle of milk anywhere!

Designed into the lid of the bottle is a small ring that has been put there specifically to securely hold the seal you pulled off when you opened the bottle.

What’s that you say?  That seal actually has another purpose??  Well, yes, but it’s not exactly another purpose.  It’s the same purpose that is was doing when you removed the plastic cap but used correctly it will continue it’s sealing duties for the entire time the bottle has contents.  Amazed? Yes, I was too when my 84 year old Dad passed on this vital life skill a couple of months ago.  Thanks Dad, I really could have done with this some 30 years ago when I left home armed the knowledge my late Mum imparted which was how to iron a shirt correctly (now there’s an idea for another blog…) and to make sure that if I couldn’t be good, I’d be careful.  Excellent advice but there’ll be no blog on that subject that’s for sure!

So, you’re welcome for the assistance in keeping our milk fresh for longer, in return maybe if you’re in need of some bespoke images for your website, Twitter, Instagram account of whatever, you’ll bear me in mind.  I’m based in Nottingham and standing by to take your call……


1 Take your common and garden everyday milk receptacle, I make no apologies for using skimmed, I like it.

Under the plastic cap you’ll find a seal of some sorts.  DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY!!

Carefully remove seal

And place inside the cap, you’ll find a ring in there to hold it securely

Now you can continue with your life happy in the knowledge you won’t suffer from the dreaded Crusty Milk Cap!

You’re welcome, stay tuned to see what nonsense, sorry I mean unbelievably helpful and useful and information I can come up with next time, will it be ironing tips?  Or something equally life changing?  Come back soon to find out!